Saturday, 3 October 2015

Its all starting to come together!

Well it certainly has been an exciting past couple of weeks.

Charles and Myself had to go through the final step before receiving our British passports; attending the interview which proves our identity. They asked all sorts of unusual questions which was quite interesting and very unnerving. My interviewee wanted to know the ins and outs of my time in the UK, including the time and date I arrived... It was 7 years ago that I arrived; what makes him think I can remember the time!? Charles and myself compared our interviews and by the sound of things mine was a lovely chat and Charles' was very militant with her being very abrupt and firm. So Charles walked away feeling very unsure if he had passed the test.
But he had nothing to worry about as our passports arrived a few days later. This has been a long time coming and an event we will remember forever!!!!

We had a lovely weekend at the Adventure Overlanders Show in Stratford-upon-Avon ( We had the luxury of camping with the UK Overlanders group ( which was absolutely lovely as they are a brilliant bunch! We got to meet the lovely Kevin and Heike who will be doing pretty much the same journey as us. We are a little jealous though as they are leaving before us.. tisk tisk! But we hope to meet up with them somewhere in Morocco.
We also got to meet a fantastic couple who are also planning some very awesome overland trips over the coming months in their defender called Ruby the Landy.
It was such a treat to chat to like minded people who had some great tips and pointers for our trip. The love and support we receive is so overwhelmingly awesome. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to wish us safe travels.

We arrived at the show with the sun shining and a lovely greeting from Steve from the UK Overlanders forum. It was going to be a lovely week end! :)
We set up camp and opened a cold beer. Well the cold beers didnt stop there! They flowed all through the night as the boys stayed up, talking overlanding around the fire till 4am in the morning.
Well I think its safe to say many people felt very fragile on Saturday.

And then the rugby happened! Mixed feelings for the four of us as SOUTH AFRICA WON! but sadly England lost!!

After leaving this show, it just made me want to leave NOW... YESTERDAY!! Knowing that we have a bit of a wait still is a bit of a killer. But 'D' day will soon be here!!!

During the show Charles and I had some fun and made a bit of a video to show you the vehicles aka our homes. Please apologise as we may have had one too many. lol.....
We hope you enjoy

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