Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Daisy from start to now.

This is how she looked when I first got her, 

I bought for £250 with a blown head gasket. And once that was fixed I had a nice cheap disco. 

A little while lateral be 18 months/2 years after a few different shows I decided to lift 2" on the suspension. And put on a winch and winch bumper. 

I mainly used her for off-roading at the time 

So she was constantly in this state, after a while she got some new boots and some trimmed arches also a snorkle and light bar. 

Well bitten by the bug now, I started traveling around more than I did off-roading. 

Then over the coming months years I kitted her out for camping and traveling. But I also couldn't help But make her bigger. With even bigger Tyres. Bigger wider arches and a body lift and more suspension lift plus a Roof rack and tent. Buch cables. Awning and removed the rear seats/carpet. To build the ultimate over the top disco For overloading. 

I shall post up more details of the other vehicle soon! And more details of the rest of the works soon. Cheers for reading. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hello, this is a blog written by me (Rob) and my soon to be wife (Mandy).

We are writing this to document our travels from here in Oxford UK to Cape-town SA.

We will be travelling with mandys brother (Charles aka Chappers) and his partner (Catherine). They will also be writing on this page. 

We plan to leave from billing landrover show in july 2015, giving us just over a year to prepare from this time.

The vehicles are a pair of landrover discoverys mine the blue one (Daisy) and Chappers the green one(Ditzy), i have owned mine for the last 7 years and have been slowly doing it up over time and Chappers got his a few months back and had since been doing it up.

During this blog i will post up a brief description from the day i got the car untill now, and be more detailed from then on up untill the departure date. From that point the posts will all be about the trip and the things we see and do.

thanks for reading and check back to see more soon