Monday, 26 October 2015

Day 1 to day 3 - The hard goodbyes

What a fantastic last day in the uk before we headed to Dover to start our adventure.

We are all so overwhelmed by the shear love we received from our friends and family. 
Rob and I set off from our home where we said goodbye to Rob's family and of course our gorgeous little pooch, Bella. Goodbyes are never easy, but it did come as a bit of a shock to the system with our emotions going wild. This trip for us just wouldn't be possible without Rob's folks, so we are forever grateful that they gave up their home for us. We will most certainly miss them and hope Bella behaves while she's with them... Lol! (Almost no chance of that 😜🐾)

We headed off to Bicester to join Cat and Charles and all congregated at the local pub where all our friends and family came to wish us safe travels. Such an awesome moment in our lives, and a great way to start of our travels. A huge thanks to everyone who came, it was so special and we will miss you guys like crazy!

We were finally on the road after just under 2years of planning.

We arrived in Dover and all went well after having to dispose of excess petrol we had on board. Charles and I were chuffed to be showing off our newly acquired British passports (a momentous occasion for us South Africans). We made our way on board and onto the deck to wish England a farewell. Watching the boat motor away from the shore, it suddenly had hit me. WE ARE DOING THIS, ITS HAPPENING, NO MORE WAITING... (Well, I'm not even shy to admit it, but the odd jumping up and down like a silly school kid with excitement had to happen)

We arrived in Calais and started making our trek to Champlost. An uneventful drive, with a few odd mistakes due to tiredness, but we made it in good time driving through the night. We arrived in Champlost where we spent the afternoon with Robs family. She fed us well and spoils us like crazy! 

Unfortunately I've come down with a very nasty headache and haven't been able to keep down any food since yesterday. Very unfortunate but I think the tiredness took over and my body is telling me I need some good comfy rest! We are making a good hearty dinner later using French sausages (Cats favourite) which is just what the doctor ordered. 

Tomorrow will be spent celebrating Cats birthday with a day out in Barcelona. Can't wait xxxx


  1. The trucks look awesome, look forward to seeing your future updates!
    I have been following your progress since I heard you sharing your story with Andrew St Pierre White at the indoor 4x4 show at the start of the year.
    Good Luck with your travels!