Thursday, 17 September 2015

Almost there..

Well, it certainly has been a long time since our last post. So I'm taking upon myself to give a little update on our progress while we slowly come closer and closer to a possible leaving date. Wahooo...

We are all starting to feel rather frustrated and just cant wait for that faithful day when we can say, "Right, we are outta here!!" and to finally start our adventure from the UK, along the west coast of northern Africa, all the way down to Cape Town.

We have had some delays with regards to paperwork for Charles and myself and therefore have had to move our original leaving date. We started by saying we would hit the road on the 3rd of August; well the 3rd swiftly came and went. And then we thought we would try head off from the Overlanders show in Stratford-upon-Avon on the 27th of September. Well, I can say that that wont be happening, so we have a more realistic date of the 24th of October. This date should give us more than enough time to get our ducks in a row.
Our biggest delay is because Charles and Myself(South African citizens) applied for British citizenship in April this year, which has taken much longer than originally anticipated. We are both over the moon as Charles went through his ceremony process last week and received his certificate (MASSIVE MOMENT!!). It was a great day as we all went to watch this very important moment and celebrated late into the evening with far too many drinks all round.
It was then my turn to go through the motion and pledge my elegance to Queen Elizabeth the second. (ANOTHER MASSIVE MOMENT!!) So I can very happily and gratefully say we are both British citizens and therefore have applied for that little maroon travel bible. So if all goes well we should have our British passports in our hands within the next 2-3weeks.

Over the past couple of months Charles and Rob have been hard at work on the odd weekends working on the vehicles to get them up to scratch with pretty much refurbished engines. To my knowledge our vehicle is pretty much ready with Rob installing the last bit of kit this week... the clutch. A good feeling! and the car is looking top notch if I don't say so myself. Charles still needs a few bits and bobs which the boys will be working on this weekend.
Then I believe all that's needed is to order the long list of spares. I wont go through this as I'm the typical girly girl who knows nothing about car bits. Come back to me at the end of this trip and I may turn into a very good mechanic with Rob's guidance and of course being thrown in the deep end when he asks for help.. lol!!

In the past couple of months we have had all our vaccinations and are now totally up to date. We certainly have felt like pin cushions while they poke and prod us with all sorts of different jabs. This is the list for those who are interested:
Rabies 1, 2 and 3
Yellow fever
Hepititis A
Hepititis B 1, 2 and 3
240 malaria tablets each
We went on a very cool 1 day out door specific to our trip medical aid course which Cat very nicely and gratefully organised for us. Peter from the Oxford College of First Aid was the guy who came and conducted the course. He was great, with a wealth of knowledge and went through all sorts of things like what to do with broken bones, burns, stings, bites, accidents, shock, general first aid, etc... the lot! obviously all while knowing we may be miles and miles away from any help or hospitals.
He went through a list of medical equipment we should carry with us at all times. Cat once again went ahead and sorted this all out for us and spoke to someone from Apparently they were great and really helpful. Well done Cat!! Thank you...

But other than the knitty gritty stuff. We have had a great time camping where we can. Catching up with friends and family and just enjoying our last couple of months at home. Got to make the most life, even if it doesn't go to plan!! I keep reminding myself, that these delays will only mean that when that day comes where we will say goodbye to England, it will be an even greater moment than ever expected! Our adventure will happen... and its getting closer and closer to reality.
Can't wait!!!..... not that you can tell. lol!

I'm sure there is loads more I'm missing out on. So please bear with me. I'll post as I remember more bits and events.
Lots of love, Mandy

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