Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Daisy from start to now.

This is how she looked when I first got her, 

I bought for £250 with a blown head gasket. And once that was fixed I had a nice cheap disco. 

A little while lateral be 18 months/2 years after a few different shows I decided to lift 2" on the suspension. And put on a winch and winch bumper. 

I mainly used her for off-roading at the time 

So she was constantly in this state, after a while she got some new boots and some trimmed arches also a snorkle and light bar. 

Well bitten by the bug now, I started traveling around more than I did off-roading. 

Then over the coming months years I kitted her out for camping and traveling. But I also couldn't help But make her bigger. With even bigger Tyres. Bigger wider arches and a body lift and more suspension lift plus a Roof rack and tent. Buch cables. Awning and removed the rear seats/carpet. To build the ultimate over the top disco For overloading. 

I shall post up more details of the other vehicle soon! And more details of the rest of the works soon. Cheers for reading. 

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