Monday, 25 July 2016

Mandy and Rob's Expenses

Finances! What will food cost? What will diesel cost? What will campsites cost? What can we expect to pay for border crossing? How much money will we need?

These were always the big unanswered questions I was trying to research before embarking on such a large voyage across the unknown... Africa. There was very little information; and the information I could find was incredibly little and not very detailed. So I made it my mission to ensure everything we spent, and I mean EVERYTHING we spent, would be recorded for the next traveller who was looking for a little guidance. Of course, many people will say that we all spend our money differently and with different budget sizes you adapt and live to your means. So all I can say, is use this as a guide. We certainly did live well throughout our travels, trying all the local cuisines and local beers. But we did it on a budget, buying things we wanted but not splashing out too much. So you could always bring down your costs by not getting merry with the locals at the pub down the road, buying that silly overpriced rug in Morocco, going nuts when you can finally buy that salami and cheese you were craving, and the list goes on. But these were all things we loved to do... so as they say, look at fuel costs, visa costs, accommodation costs, etc. Hopefully this will help.

What I am very pleased to see is that with all the vehicle breakdowns, eating out and visa fees; we are on par with our £50 a day budget for the two of us and our spoilt Daisy! So I am one happy lady!

We still have another month of seeing South Africa before we need to get our butt into gear and start earning some dosh again. The hard reality of it had to hit us sometime, Just cant believe how quickly it has come! Now to try figure out what we want to do with lives..... a hard question indeed!

Full view of expenses

If you would like the full excel spreadsheet to work with, just send me a message with you details.


  1. Thanks very much for posting your expenses. That is really helpful for my planning as we go in 12 months

  2. Hi Rob, I would like the full excel sheet, it would be very helpful to us.
    Manny thanks in advance, Guy.

  3. Hi Rob,

    I would also love to get my hands on the full excel sheet. We are currently planning our trip for 2017 so all help is welcome!

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Stef Ramaker

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  5. Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for all the info that you share with everybody. My husband and I are planning a trip from Valencia (Spain) to Kenya. It will starts on March and we are reading a lot of information regarding borders and visas (Angola's visa will be crazy).
    Your excel sheet will help us with our finances!
    This is our e-mail:

    Thanks again!
    Rosalia y Juancar

  6. congrats for this superb post!!!!

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