Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Spain to Morocco

After an amazing night out with Kevin and Heike we got up in the morning feeling a little worse for wear. We packed up at a slow pace and said goodbye to the residents in the camp site. They seem to spend winters in Spain and then head back home for the summer. All very lovely people who all seem to come from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and of course England. They were all very interested in our adventure and the vehicles, all coming up to take photo's and having a nosy around the cars. When we left it was like having another leaving party with them all congregating to say goodbye and wishing us safe travels.
We were on the road again and made our way down south where we stopped at a very crowded campsite called La Manga ( You could even call it a village as people seemed to make their caravans permanent with great big satellite dishes in their tiny pitches. Packed in like sardines, we all had the same idea that this place was mental and couldn't understand why people flocked to it. Possibly just not our cup of tea as we love open space with views, but we paid 14euros for the night, so couldn't complain.

After spending some time in France and Spain, I have personally come to the conclusion that the Spanish seem to be much more friendly than the French (however the French do know how to make lovely little cakes and pastries). The houses seem rather run down but there are lovely little places that stand out from the rest. I particularly enjoyed driving in Spain as the views were absolutely beautiful with large areas devoted to farming with beautiful orange tree's and vineyards. We did however, pass many prostitutes which surprised me! Is there such a large market for them to be sat at every 100 yards? It saddens me to realise so many have had such a bad life that they are brought to sell their bodies. It makes me realise how lucky I am!

It was time to hit the road in the morning, we made our way down to the next camp site that had a lovely heated pool which was such a treat. We spend the evening and the morning having long dips with the boys doing back flip and tricks into the big pool. Such fun!! The local residents too came to say their hello's and warned us of the torrential rains coming in the next couple of days. They weren't wrong either, at the next camp site it certainly did come down. As the weather was so bad there were no Ferries running that day so we booked one for the next at £150 per couple and car and hoped for the weather to improve. So we sat by the bar and drank far too much with the beer only being 1.80 euro's each.  We met a lovely gentlemen from Germany called Martin who was travelling southern Europe on his bicycle. We swapped stories and got happily merry together. We invited him for dinner and enjoyed a good old spag bol. He seemed to love the company and so did we. What a great way to spend out last night in Spain.

In the morning the weather had subsided after a very stormy night, so it was time to head for the ferry, and say goodbye to Europe.

(I have started our expenses and have decided not to publish it till the end. If you are thinking of doing a trip like this, and would like to have an idea of what we are spending our money on, please don't hesitate to send us a message and I'd happily forward it to you. This was something I really struggled to find when doing my research.)


  1. It all sounds great! Are you using an app to do your expenses or a spreadhseet?

    1. Hi there, I am using excel as I have my laptop with me. I find it user friendly as I can make all the calculations I need with regards to currency converting and calculating.

  2. Eish! Love the blog!
    Can't wait for the next entry.
    Love to all!